2 CD set This is the first of what we hope is a series of CDs documenting what has colloquially become known in collecting circles as 'EuroJazz.’ Lud Gluskin was one of the most successful American jazz musicians to cross the Atlantic in the 1920s to work in Europe. For about 6 years, he and his ensemble worked at the leading French and German upper class entertainment establishments. The band was featured in movies, did studio work for film studios as well as 450 recordings for different record companies. Musically, the Gluskin band reached its peak in 1929 when a large number of recordings among them some milestones of jazz in Europe were made for several German record companies. These two CDs offer a selection of recordings representative of Gluskin's activities in Europe over a 10 year period. The transfers are in chronological order as far as the recording dates could be ascertained. Several recordings on this compilation have never been reissued before and some of the records were until recently unknown.
Songs: (Click note for sample)notes.gif Personnel Details:
 Down Home Blues
 Steamboat Sal
 I Certainly Could
 Ain't She Sweet?
 Tiger Rag
 Si Vous Connaisez Papa
 Feelin' No Pain
 Miss Annabelle Lee
 Sunny Skies
 Did You Mean It?
 Whiteman Stomp
 Saint Louis Blues
 Ten Little Miles From Town
 Clarinet Marmalade
 I Can't Give You Anything But Love
 You Took Advantage Of Me
 Clarinet Marmalade
 I Wanna Be Loved By You
 Crazy Rhythm
 Add A Little Wiggle
 What A Wonderful Wedding That Will Be
 Everywhere You Go
 Milenberg Joys
 Tiger Rag
 A Room With A View
 That's My Weakness Now
 Stairway Of Dreams
 Doin' The New Low Down
 Moanin' Low
 I Wanna Go Places And Do Things
 Close Your Eyes
 Someone's Falling In Love
 'S Nice Like This
 Birmingham Bertha
 Milenberg Joys
 C'est Mon Gigolo
 'Leven Thirty Saturday Night
 There´s A Wah-Wah Gal In Agua Caliente
 March Of The Hoodlums
 Oh! Mo'nah!
 Crazy People
 How About You And Me?
 Fit As A Fiddle
Personnel: Eddie Ritten, Emile Christian, Gene Prendergast, Georges Charron, Spencer Clark, Howard Kennedy, Paulie Freed, Ben Pickering, Merrow Bodge, Ted Goebel, George Hirst, Guy Paquinet, Don Baird, Danny Polo, Georges Marion, Arthur Briggs, Alex Renard, Julien Porret, Faustin Jeanjean, more
Number: 8045
Item Code: 55678
Format: 2-CD
Dates: (1924-1933)
Price: $25.00  
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